20 Hour Piano Repair Workshop

I offer a 20 hour piano repair workshop, in person and online, that teaches you how to do basic regulation and repair on pianos.

Here are the topics that will be covered:


Upright and Grand Regulation
Replacing and repairing broken hammers
Repairing stiff or loose center pins
Repairing missing or broken keytops
Rebushing keys
Repairing and adjusting broken strings
Replacing dampers
Adjusting pedals
Repairing pianos that won’t stay in tune


CLICK HERE for a list of piano repair tools that I supply for the course, for a fee. The list may not be up to date, but is 98% accurate. I choose tools to be effective and economical. They are the best choice for small repairs where one of two keys need fixing. For extra tools that make multiple repairs easier, see this list. Scroll down to “Optional Repair Tools”.

CLICK HERE for course options.

2 Responses to “20 Hour Piano Repair Workshop”

  1. Chris Aitken says:

    Will you be offering this course, in Toronto, in 2017?

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