20 Hour Piano Tuning Workshop

I offer a 20 hour piano tuning workshop that I have given in-person and online. I also plan to have a video course that delivers the same information.

Below is a description of the content of the course. Expect that you will learn more than what’s listed as we discuss and explore these and a wide variety of topics that might be of special interest to you.


General music theory and theory specific to piano tuning.
How to use the tools.
Double String Unison technique for accuracy and precision.
Non-Speaking Length analysis to help you produce stable tunings.
Bisecting Beat Speed Sequence for accurate pitch setting and reduced guessing.
Specific Beat Speed Stretch Windows to easily set pure intervals in the bass and treble.
How to improve your beat speed clarity and beat speed difference ratio sensitivity.

TOOLS SUPPLIED (for a fee):

Professional Tuning Hammer
Solid Tuning Fork
Rubber Wedge Mutes
Mute Strips
Papp’s Mutes
Reblitz Text
Training Manual
“Go APE” Tuning Sequence Document

CLICK HERE for course options.

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