A Review of YouTube Videos on How to Tune a Piano

There are quite a few videos on YouTube showing you how to tune a piano. The problem is, most of them are made by people who are not piano tuners, or are professional piano tuners, but not experienced teachers

Here are some typical examples of videos I have found on YouTube describing how to tune a piano.

This guy has been tuning his own piano for two months. Listen at 6:03 where he tunes a unison by ear. There is an audible beat of about 1Hz which is unacceptable.

Clean unisons are the most important element of a good tuning; they are the most common source of complaints from piano tuning customers.

This guy’s method involves first recording each and every key into his own software product. That alone could take an hour.

An experienced piano technician should be able to tune a whole piano in that time.

An experienced instructor is one who has been teaching for many years and has refined their explanations and pedagogical technique so that the method is concise and easy to understand, while at the same time presenting a professional and precise approach to the subject.

Yes, it is difficult, and that is why it takes so long for someone to acheive this level of teaching skill. You see, the best way to learn piano tuning is not just from a professional piano technician, but also from an experienced teacher. Both areas require expert skill for you to learn the fastest way possible with the best outcome.

I have been teaching tuning for many years and have yet to find a YouTube video that is clear and easy to understand and accurate. If you are a musician and are interested in learning to tune pianos, please consider subscribing to this blog. I am currently creating articles and videos that explain my personal method for tuning that I have developed over eight years of teaching piano tuning and repair professionally. My method is directed specifically towards musicians and teaches advanced aural tuning techniques without using any computers. Aural techniques are rewarding to learn and have the potential of producing superior results after some practice. Advanced techniques give you ways of producing highly precise tunings early on, and musicians grasp advanced techniques easily. This has been the most effective approach for my students and the one which has produced the best results.

I hope you decide to subscribe. I am looking forward to helping more musicians learn to tune their own pianos, or other people’s pianos for money.

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  2. Hi Mark,

    Only two videos?

    There are so many other bad and misleading piano tuning videos on YouTube, you should have put more examples on this page.


    Mario Bruneau

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