I’ve Been Banned!

I’ve been banned from pianoworld.com!

Pianoworld.com is a public forum where people can discuss everything piano related, including piano tuning.

It is a huge site with many users, and as such, needs the volunteer efforts of moderators to police the participants.

As a piano tuning instructor, I often post answers to questions, and at times, post videos of my lessons and classes because I think people would find them interesting.

It is a rule that we are to advertise our affiliation if we are in the business, and I do so with links to my various websites, at the bottom of every post.

Well, I was curious as to why I wasn’t getting much interest in my classes and I asked the question on pianoworld.com. My mistake, in hindsight, was posting this question to as many forums as I thought could help; piano forum, technicians forum, classical pianists forum, etc.

While I did get some very valuable feedback, some people were quite angry with me, even saying I was not having any trouble getting students at all, and had planned these posts as a form of free advertising.

Then I created this video:

which is a lesson on Equal Temperament. In this video, I use all the techniques I’ve developed during eight years of teaching piano tuning.

Again, I thought this stuff was gold for anyone interested in piano tuning. It has received 96 views and three thumbs up on youtube in just 6 days.

Nowhere in the video do I advertise any courses for sale, only links to my websites, which I am required to put in my signature. And these websites are full of free content.

In less than 15 minutes, my account was closed and all I got was a webpage saying I’ve been banned for two weeks for spamming.

No email, no explanation, no nothing.

So, when I get back on, I will have to email the moderator and try and get an idea of the criteria they are using to ban people from the site.

I have been able to read some of the posts if I don’t try to sign in, and one guy said something like “Yikes! Isn’t that a little extreme” in reference to the moderator saying the threads I created and all the posts were deleted.

Not to mention, there have been some posts asking me specific questions, which I cannot answer until January 20th. I can’t even Private Message these people.

All this to say that there is a significant force within the piano technicians world, I’ve seen it, that is trying to squash any attempts by people like myself who are interested in passing on this information, and especially if it is for a fee, which most of my content isn’t.

We, as technicians, seem to constantly be “shooting ourselves in the foot” as one technician put it, in reference to some of the treatment I’ve been getting.

It’s incredible the kind of anger I’ve have experienced in these forums. But at the same time, rewarding when I receive posts and emails from people who thank me profusely for explaining a concept that has taken them years to figure out.

So I guess I’ll keep posting.

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know what happened to me in case you’ve been reading the PW posts and wondered where I have gone.

I’ll be back on the 20th.

Until then, Stay Tuned!

P.S. Your comments are welcomed and encouraged. I read and respond to every one.

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2 Responses to “I’ve Been Banned!”

  1. Roger Turney says:

    I liked your equal temperament video. Clear and succinct.

    Many years ago someone referred to science as fitting three categories, magic, black art or knowledge. The problem with piano tuning is it currently fits the first two categories and is resisting moves to knowledge based science.

    Keep going.


  2. Thanks for the support Roger. I have a bunch of ideas for more videos. The one I’m working on now is the Harmonic Series.

    These will be great for the online course, as people can watch on their own and then join the class with questions, and then more time will be available for practicing. It is actually a new way of teaching that a lot of universities are adopting; watch lessons online first and then come to class to do the homework and ask questions. I think it’s called “flipping” the classroom. Look up coursera and khan academy.

    Anyway, thanks again and Stay Tuned!

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