How much should I charge?


I would like to teach more people how to tune pianos.

Currently, I do not have a lot of interest in the online, realtime, Skype lessons.

How much is the most you would pay for 20 hours of basic instruction online, using Skype for realtime interaction?

Just Reply with the price:


Would you consider paying more for one-on-one private instruction?


Thanks for your time.


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How much should I charge?

  1. You can leave you opinions here, in the comments section.

    Thank you,

  2. Carol says:

    That’s a hard question and after a few days thought I’m willing to share my opinion in the spirit of friendly & hopefully helpful discussion.

    My first thought is if you’ve considered offering a payment plan? This would make your classes a little more accessible to those on strict budgets (such as me).

    I think the cost is reasonable for classroom instruction but I think a lower cost could be warranted for Skype,Vsee or Google hangouts classes due to lower overhead costs including travel. Maybe $550 or so for 20 hours?

  3. Thank you Carol. I was thinking the same thing.

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