Looking for Piano Tuning Students

Have you ever thought about taking a course in piano tuning? Well, there’s not many places to take a course in piano tuning. Many schools have closed in the last few decades.

But, I am happy to tell you that geographic restrictions are no longer a problem in the internet age.

I have been giving online classes in piano tuning for over a year now. Students learn to hear beats and understand the logic needed to tune pianos, as well as learn what to practice and how, in order to create accurate tunings.

I am now looking for students to take my online piano tuning course through Google Hangouts. It is a 20 hour course and will feature many resources that are not included in the free content I have on this website. This is a live event with me giving personalized instruction.

I have charged as much as $800 for this course, but in the interest of making the content more accessible, I have dropped the price to $497USD.

If you are interested, please Contact Me asap. I have a student from Mexico who is waiting for others to join so our class can commence.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you “online”.


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