1968 Chickering and Sons Grand Piano For Sale, 5’2″ Only $3997.00

“Chickering and Sons was an American piano manufacturer located in Boston, Massachusetts, known for producing award-winning instruments of superb quality and design.”

– http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chickering_and_Sons

Chickering 227045 Lid half opened

For sale is a 1968 Chickering and Sons baby grand piano measuring five feet and two inches. The previous owners did not play much so the piano is in excellent condition.


Chickering 227045 lid closed

Chickering 227045 lid open

The piano will be voiced and regulated when sold and promises to have a beautiful tone and expressive feel.


Chickering 227045 Bench

It also comes with a high quality brass lamp designed especially for grand pianos and attaches to the music desk.

Chickering 227045 Lamp

Chickering 227045 name board

Soundboard Decal

Chickering 227045 Plate


Lyre Detail

Chickering 227045 Lyre


The piano will be voiced and regulated when sold and promises to have a beautiful tone and expressive feel.

Chickering 227045 from above

Leg carving detail

Chickering 227045 leg detail

NOTE: This piano is for sale in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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