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I am doing research for my tuning class that I will give at the PTG National Convention in Denver in July.
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You would help me greatly by simply listening to these pair of octaves and selecting which one sounds the best in each pair.

Then simply click the submit button at the bottom.

Thank you for your help.


Are you a piano tuner?

If yes, do you mostly tune aurally, or with an electronic device?

How many years have you been tuning?


Please listen to each of these six pairs of octaves and choose whether octave A or octave B sounds the best by clicking the circle beside the letter A or B corresponding to the best sounding octave.


Octave 1:
Any comments about Octave 1?


Octave 2:
Any comments about Octave 2?


Octave 3:
Any comments about Octave 3?


Octave 4:
Any comments about Octave 4?


Octave 5:
Any comments about Octave 5?


Octave 6:
Any comments about Octave 6?

General comments?


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Thank you soooo much!

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13 Responses to “Octave Survey”

  1. Deb Tang says:

    What is your research about?

    • Hi Deborah.

      I am trying to determine how to tell what size octave is the best for a piano by purely aural techniques using check notes and measuring the 4:2 and the 6:3 sizes by ear. I have 90% figured out, but that is using only my own ear. I need some confirmation that others think the octave sizes I say are better, are actually better.

      Thanks for the question.

  2. Chris Leslie says:

    I hope my results help you.

  3. Glen says:

    Hope this helps. It’s a very nice thing you are trying to accomplish with your efforts

  4. Sandy Cousineau says:

    I have no idea what I’m doing, but I did my best…

  5. Marshall says:

    This was fun and interesting. Is there a way to see how well we did?

  6. Marshall says:

    This was fun and interesting. Thanks. Is there a way to see how well we did? Also my outlook isn’t working. how do I submit the quiz?

    • Thanks for taking the survey.

      There really is no “right” answer. I will compile and see which octaves get the most votes.

      The goal is to determine what people like in an octave and then use that information to help tune the test of the piano.

      I will subscribe you to my site so you can get the results when I’m done

  7. Sam hoyle says:

    Hey mark, Sam here, I hope my selections help you. Keep up the good work!!!

  8. Christer Dirfeldt says:

    Doing my best here 😉 It’s perhaps not always the “purest” octaves that sounds the best? Are all of these octaves between 4:2 and 6:3? I hope you will send me the results of this test. Interesting to know what octave that pleases most ears :!

    • Hi Christer,

      I need to remove that test. It was not made well. The better test is the
      three octave survey, here:

      The results of the survey confirmed my hypothesis that is stated in the
      flow chart listed in this article:
      I.e. sometimes a 4:2 sounds better, sometimes a wide 4:2/narrow 6:3 sounds
      best. It depends on the inharmonicity of the piano. My flow chart shows you
      a way to measure the inharmonicity of a specific octave in a specific
      piano, by ear.

      The implication of this study is tremendous. I am saying that you do not
      need to guess at the size of the best sounding octave. You can use beat
      speeds to accurately, and precisely tune the best sounding octave for that
      particular piano, in that particular section of the piano, aurally. I do
      not think any ETD can do that. I do not even think any ETD developer knows
      this algorithm. Yet, anyway.

      Mark Cerisano, RPT

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