Piano Tuning and Repair Courses – Summer 2015

Here are the courses I am offering this summer. They are all in-person courses with hands-on supervised training.

Basic Piano Tuning (21 hours)
August 4/5/6, 2015
8am – 4pm
Tools $297

Basic Piano Tuning (20 hours)
August 10-14, 2015
8am – 12pm
Tools $297

Basic Piano Repair (20 hours)
August 17-20, 2015
8am – 1pm
Tools $1297

Advanced Piano Tuning (20 hours)
August 24-28, 2015
8am – 12pm

Basic Grand Piano Regulation (8 hours)
August 15 or 22, 2015 (To Be Confirmed)
8am – 5pm


Basic Piano Tuning (20 hours)
This will be 20 hours of supervised instruction and practice. You will learn the basics of how to use the tools and what to listen for. This course will catapult you into tuning pianos for real. Using these techniques, and with practice, you should be able to improve your tuning to a minimum level that you could begin to charge money for your tunings.

Basic Piano Repair (20 hours)
You will learn all the basic repairs and adjustments (regulation) that you would find when tuning pianos in the field. This course is a fun, hands-on look at how the piano works and how we can perform some common repairs.

Basic Grand Regulation
We will spend a day working on a grand piano. We will take the action out, learn how it works, and then learn the basic steps needed to regulate the grand action so it works well.

Note: Although the quality of instruction you receive will be very high, your success in these courses will depend on your own musical and mechanical aptitude, as well as the amount of time you spend actually performing the skills learned.

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2 Responses to “Piano Tuning and Repair Courses – Summer 2015”

  1. Eric says:

    Hoped to attend but will have to wait until next year (hoping that there will be classes next year). By that time I should have lots more practice poorly tuning my own piano. Also, it is hard to get from Tucson to either Toronto or Montreal. Most schedules are horrible.

    • Hi Eric,

      Sorry you won’t make it. I understand. I was planning on going to Ecuador to help teach at the Asociación Mundial de Luthiers summer conference, but alas, they did not have enough registrants.

      Here are your other options besides taking my in-person courses in Montreal or Toronto:

      1. Pre-purchase one of my piano tuning video courses. All I need is one and I will commit to producing it. I already have one customer for the Advanced Piano Tuning course. It is due out end of August. When finished, I will charge $997 for the course. If you pre-purchase, you only pay $497.

      2. Take one of my courses on Skype. Live and interactive. 10 hours for $497.

      3. Private one on one coaching. $97/hour.

      4. Help me arrange a week course in Tucson.

      If you are serious about being a good tuner, I strongly suggest you take one of these options. I have found that tuners tend to stick with the first method they learn, and that method is usually low quality. Trying to convince them to change and learn a method that will improve their results is near impossible. If you eventually change your method to improve, you may be wasting your time on basic methods you are practicing now that you cobble together from Youtube, out-of-date textbooks, and short meetings with other tuners.

      If you let me know what method you are practicing now, I can give you my opinion on its effectiveness.


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