Good News

My luggage has been found. I will have all the equipment I need for my class tomorrow. 

However, in the process of preparing to do the class without the items lost, I had a few difficulties. 

I am using a box with a hole in it and putting a foam noodle in the hole to model the tuning pin. 

I lost the noodle so I had to get another. The new one is too small so I had to rip out the cardboard cylinder and insert a smaller cylinder for the smaller pin. This was quite difficult as I am used to repinning with larger pins!

Also, I am modelling the string’s effect by attaching elastic cord to the box. 

I lost the cord, so I tried elastics. Seems elastics do not hold their elasticity very well. Plus they kept breaking. However, they are much easier to splice than real strings. 

Due to them loosing elasticity, I decided to go stronger. I could only find bungee cords. Seems they were too strong and the table I was using to tie one end to, collapsed.   

About 33 1/2 hours of anguish finally come to an end. 

Let’s just hope nothing’s damaged! :-0

Air Canada did say they would give me $50. 🙂

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