“Learn to Tune Pianos” Video Courses

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I am currently producing three video courses on tuning. Please spread the word. Topics include:

1) Basic Aural Piano Tuning – Simple tests. Step by step instructions. Good for someone who wants an introduction of tuning by ear but does not have or want to get deeply into theory. $297

2) Advanced Aural Piano Tuning – Open unison tuning. Double string unison. Slow pull hammer technique. Soft blow stability. One pass temperament. One pass pitch raise. Advanced stability. Customized stretch. $997

3) Basic Electronic Piano Tuning. The physics of vibrations, partials, equal and unequal temperaments, octave sizes, stretch, and how these are used by computers to help you tune a piano. A description of stability, why it is difficult to attain for beginners and how to achieve it. Review of different electronic tuning devices and software. How to set up an Electronic Tuning Device to give the best tuning. $497

For pre-purchase discounts of 50%, please contact me.

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