Two NEW Video Lessons!

I’ve just added two new video lessons to my site and I’m very excited about them.

Many people ask the question, “What tools do I need to tune a piano?”

The first lesson, Piano Tuning Methods and Tools, is a comprehensive discussion of piano tuning methods, and the related tools for each method. It is a great introduction to piano tuning, because it answers the question, “What tools do I need?” after you answer the question, “What method do I want to learn?”.

CLICK HERE for the Piano Tuning Methods and Tools video lesson.

The second lesson is an in-depth introduction to my favourite aural piano tuning method, the method I use and have used for years. It has allowed me to greatly increase my Accuracy, Precision, and Efficiency. That’s why I am calling it the “Go APE” method.

CLICK HERE to watch the video lesson on the Go APE method.

I hope you learn a lot from them. Don’t forget to leave your comment.


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