Easing Key Bushings

This is a novel way to ease key bushings.
The standard way is to iron them or compress them. This way actually shaves them.

A key may bind on the balance rail pin or the felt bushings.


I use a standard large set of tweezers. They need to be the right size.


To ease the balance rail hole, I just insert the tweezers end into the hole. Be careful; not too much.


To ease the felt bushings, I insert the tweezers and move them back and forth.




I’ve always done this and never really understood why it worked so well. I thought I was just compressing the felt.

Then one day, I looked at the tweezers.



I found powdered felt. I realized the tweezers were shaving the felt! No wonder it worked so well!


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4 Responses to “Easing Key Bushings”

  1. Steve MArtin says:

    Very cool idea Mark!! I glue sandpaper to a timber clothes peg & sand key bushings. Your idea seems quicker though.

  2. saverio salerno says:

    Good advice pratico..grazie Mark!

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