Hear Beats Easily


You can now hear beats more easily. 

I am making available components of the Audio Band Pass Filter I have developed from off the shelf components. Watch Video

I have also made available the plans that show exactly what the parts are and how to put them together, FOR FREE! CLICK HERE for plans. 

Finally, students of piano tuning can hear what experienced aural piano tuners hear. 

Using the Audio Band Pass Filter trains your ear so it knows what the beating partial sounds like. This makes it easier for you to eventually hear beats the without the device. 

It’s not a crutch, it’s a learning tool

The idea is that you use it and it improves your ability to hear beats without the unit! Eventually, you won’t need it. 

This is an incredible tool for me. Finally, I can help students get over this frustrating hurdle to effective piano tuning practice. Once a student can hear beats, they can begin using all the techniques I teach, but not before. 

It is very sad to watch a student who is having difficulty hearing beats and wants so desperately to learn piano tuning. I’ll never forget the girl who came to one of my 5 day courses and did not come to the last day, just because she couldn’t hear beats. I wish I had had one of these units for her to use then. 

Now students’ eyes, and ears, are wide when we turn this unit on. They finally get it. 

It doesn’t give you magic ears immediately, but it allows you to use the aural tuning tests right away, and guides your ear to becoming independant of the unit. 

I am very excited to hear what people think. And of course, there is a 100% money back guarantee.  

You can see the different component sets I have available to purchase HERE.


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