Electronic Piano On Trial

As some of you may know, I provide a temperament analysis service. (For more information, CLICK HERE) The first one is free.

One of my subscribers sent me a recording of the temperament on his electronic keyboard. You can read and hear the interesting results HERE.

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  1. Cobrun Sells says:

    I can see how the general music listening public can say that an electronic synth is in tune…the unisons are pretty solid and the hammer voicing is quintessential of a grand piano. But, the tuning of unisons is only part of the tuning procedure. Intervals must be in tune as well, and as for that keyboard, the intervals didn’t even pass the PTG exam. Wow. What’s more, when a keyboardist layers a non-synth sound with piano, the two sounds will be out of tune with each other especially in the 7 octave range extremes.

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