Piano Tuning Theory Book Finally Available!

A while ago I posted on one piano technician forum, the question, “Who would be interested in pre-purchasing a book on Piano Tuning Theory?” About a dozen people said yes and 18 months later, this book is now available.

I didn’t realize how much work it would be with all the revisions and corrections and creating all the diagrams, tables, and figure myself, but now that it is done, with the help of many friends who proofread and gave many helpful suggestions, I am extremely proud to offer you Piano Tuning Theory.

To purchase this book, please CLICK HERE!

You can also see a quick video preview of the book HERE!

Back cover excerpt:
Piano tuning is a fascinating subject. It appeals to scientifically minded people as well as those who excel more at holistic activities.

Piano Tuning Theory has been written to appeal to anyone interested in the theory of piano tuning. You do not need to be a professional piano tuner or even have an interest in tuning pianos to enjoy reading this book. However, if you are a professional piano tuner, this book is guaranteed to introduce you to some new concepts in piano tuning.

With over 200 figures, diagrams, and tables, Piano Tuning Theory has been written to appeal to all learning styles.

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