Another Awesome (Almost) FREE Tool to Help You Learn How to Tune Pianos! (Full Video)

Soundbeam is a $1.99 app (2015) for iPhone and iPad that is an oscilloscope and a spectrogram.

Soundbeam shows the partial intensities as a single line, much like an oscilloscope waveform, but this line shows the partial intensities as the height of the line at the specific frequency of the partial.

Unlike Audacity and the MFJ audio filter, (See my lessons on using Audacity and Using the MFJ Tuneable Audio Filter to Help You Tune a Piano), Soundbeam shows the different partial beats simultaneously, and in real-time.

Watch the full video below:

Soundbeam Video

6 Responses to “Another Awesome (Almost) FREE Tool to Help You Learn How to Tune Pianos! (Full Video)”

  1. Deborah Leaverton says:

    Looking forward to trying this app…my newbie ear is still struggling 🙂

    • Hi Deborah,

      Nice to hear from you again. Thank you for following. It’s nice to see the beats in realtime with Soundbeam, but you can’t measure them or accurately compare them like with Audacity. But I feel that looking at a visual representation of a wave form that has partials in it that you can not hear, helps the brain to stretch and begin to hear those partials that it couldn’t pick out before.

  2. taha says:

    Howtotunepianos. I want to learn how to tune a piano. Please help me.

    • Hello Taha,

      Thank you for your email.

      Please fill out this form so I can help you learn to tune pianos.

      Name: Taha
      Languages understood:
      Main instrument played:
      Years experience:
      Other skills:
      Experience tuning pianos:

      I want to:
      _ tune my own piano for fun.
      _ tune other people’s pianos for fun.
      _ tune pianos for money part-time.
      – become a professional piano tuner.

      I am able to travel to learn: Y/N

      I have a budget for piano lessons: Y/N

      I have a piano I can practice tuning on: Y/N

      I have already tried to tune a piano: Y/N

  3. William says:

    I think that the video link on this page isn’t working at the moment?

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