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Start by selecting your test settings:
Suggested settings: 10% differences at 5bps

What Beat Speed Difference do you want to start at? 50% 30% 10% 5% 3%
What Beat Speed would you like to use as the reference? 1bps 3bps 5bps 9bps 12bps

Then click this Setup Test button:   

Then click START TEST!

Testing Beat Speed Difference Sensitivity (BSDS) of:
Current level:
Consecutive correct answers at this BSDS:
Your Choice:

Simply click [Faster] or [Slower] to indicate the speed of the second beat.

Common Beat Speed Progressions in Equal Temperament:
Contiguous Major Thirds (e.g. F3A3-A3C#4-C#4F4-F4A4): 26%
Whole Tone Major Third Ladder (e.g. F3A3-G3B3-A3C#4...): 12%
Chromatic Major Thirds (e.g. F3A4-F#3A#3-G3B3...): 6%
Chromatic Perfect Fourths (e.g. F3A#3-F#3B3-G3C4...): 6%
(In order to tune the above progressions, you need a beat speed sensitivity of half that listed.)

Other interesting beat speeds:
Needed to tune A4 within 0.9 cents using F2 where F2Fork=5bps: <10%

Disclaimers: This test produces clearly audible beat speeds. Actual piano beat speeds are harder to hear.
In order to improve your tunings, you need to improve your Beat Speed Detection
as well as your Beat Speed Difference Sensitivity.

There are mp3's that are designed to improve both Beat Speed Detection
and Beat Speed Difference Sensitivity.

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