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PTG Tuning Class Denver Colorado, July 15-18, 2015

In this video I share what I will be talking about in my tuning class for the Piano Technicians Guild in Denver July 15-18, 2015. I’m very excited and I think the topic is a challenging one.

Please HELP my research

I am trying to determine the best way to teach people how to tune pianos. To that end, I need some data on how well people can hear beat speeds. Piano tuners use this skill to help them tune a piano.

Please take my beat speed sensitivity test by clicking the link below.

Beat Speed Difference Test

Then please email me (mark at your results using this template:

Name: (does not have to be your real name)
Number of years tuning aurally: (You do not need to be a piano tuner to take this test.)

Minimum level attained, for reference beat speed of 1bps, try #1:
Minimum level attained, for reference beat speed of 1bps, try #2:
Minimum level attained, for reference beat speed of 1bps, try #3:

Minimum level attained, for reference beat speed of 5bps, try #1:
Minimum level attained, for reference beat speed of 5bps, try #2:
Minimum level attained, for reference beat speed of 5bps, try #3:

Minimum level attained, for reference beat speed of 12bps, try #1:
Minimum level attained, for reference beat speed of 12bps, try #2:
Minimum level attained, for reference beat speed of 12bps, try #3:


1968 Chickering and Sons Grand Piano For Sale, 5’2″ Only $3997.00

“Chickering and Sons was an American piano manufacturer located in Boston, Massachusetts, known for producing award-winning instruments of superb quality and design.”


Chickering 227045 Lid half opened

For sale is a 1968 Chickering and Sons baby grand piano measuring five feet and two inches. The previous owners did not play much so the piano is in excellent condition.


Chickering 227045 lid closed

Chickering 227045 lid open

The piano will be voiced and regulated when sold and promises to have a beautiful tone and expressive feel.


Chickering 227045 Bench

It also comes with a high quality brass lamp designed especially for grand pianos and attaches to the music desk.

Chickering 227045 Lamp

Chickering 227045 name board

Soundboard Decal

Chickering 227045 Plate


Lyre Detail

Chickering 227045 Lyre


The piano will be voiced and regulated when sold and promises to have a beautiful tone and expressive feel.

Chickering 227045 from above

Leg carving detail

Chickering 227045 leg detail

NOTE: This piano is for sale in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

I Need Help from my Peeps!

PTG logo


As many of you may know, I am a Registered Piano Technician with the Piano Technicians Guild. I have been a member since 2000 and an RPT since 2005.

Of the many benefits of membership, attending the yearly regional or national conventions for a reduced price is one of them.

Each convention has a wide variety of presenters who talk about many topics from tuning to rebuilding, and at many levels from novice to Advanced.

Next year the convention is in Denver, Colorado, and I have been accepted to submit class ideas as a speaker to do a 90 minute class. I can submit as many ideas as I want, but they will only choose one (as far as I know) if they choose one of my ideas at all.

So what I need from you is ideas. You know what topics I’ve created videos on, you know what methods and teaching styles I use, and if you read my posts on Pianoworld, you know some of the other topics I’ve posted and commented on.

So let’s have it. What topics do you think would be a good fit for me to teach to a class of piano technicians. Feel free to suggest topics on which I have not made any videos yet, or written articles or posts.

I’ve given thousands of hours of instruction to hundreds of students, but this class means a lot to me and I want it to be memorable.

Thank you in advance for all for your submissions.

I’ve added a new quiz to the site.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 12.48.55 AM

Go to this page:

Narrow, Wide, and Pure Intervals Quiz Page

and take my new quiz on wide, narrow, and pure intervals.

Knowledge of how to adjust intervals from wide to pure to narrow, etc, is critical to be able to tune a piano by ear.

It is one of the many skills that must be internalized before a piano tuner can excel at the craft of piano tuning.

Next Online Piano Tuning Course

Brand - Learn Piano Tuning on Google Hangout


Firstly, I would like to thank the 42 people who have subscribed to my website as of today. We’re not many but it’s still nice to know that some people think the videos and articles I am creating are useful.

I have set the times for my next online piano tuning course over Google Hangout. I have one student from California and we are looking for others.

Here are the dates and times (Atlantic Daylight Time UTC-3):

Mondays to Fridays, two hours per day.
Starting Monday, October 20th, 2014
Last class Friday, November 1st, 2014.
(Two weeks, 10 days)

Times (ADT UTC-3h):
Monday to Thursday inclusive: 6:30am to 8:30am
Fridays: 9:00am to 11:00am

Cost is $497USD for 20 hours of instruction. (Regular $800) This works out to less than $25 per hour.

The course discusses many issues including, but not limited to:
– Aural tuning
– Stability
– Tuning octaves by ear
– Tuning unisons by ear
– Theory of octave sizes
Forces, Friction, and elastic deFormation of the tuning pin and string. (The three F’s)
– Step by step tuning procedures
– Bisecting window temperament sequences
– Double string tuning method
– Technological aids to learning piano tuning (ETD’s, Audacity, Soundbeam, band pass filters, etc)

The course is organized so that each day you get a short lecture on a tuning procedure, and then you will practice that procedure, while I may be watching or available for questions.

The default progression of the course is to start tuning a piano and go from A to Z, ending with a finished tuning. However, because of the variation in skill levels, we will often customize each person’s course to those subjects, topics, and skills that they are more interested in, individually. In this way, the course progresses much like a private lesson, even if there are multiple people signed up.

You you are interested in this course or anything other instruction, please Contact Me.

Hope to see you online.


Looking for Piano Tuning Students

Have you ever thought about taking a course in piano tuning? Well, there’s not many places to take a course in piano tuning. Many schools have closed in the last few decades.

But, I am happy to tell you that geographic restrictions are no longer a problem in the internet age.

I have been giving online classes in piano tuning for over a year now. Students learn to hear beats and understand the logic needed to tune pianos, as well as learn what to practice and how, in order to create accurate tunings.

I am now looking for students to take my online piano tuning course through Google Hangouts. It is a 20 hour course and will feature many resources that are not included in the free content I have on this website. This is a live event with me giving personalized instruction.

I have charged as much as $800 for this course, but in the interest of making the content more accessible, I have dropped the price to $497USD.

If you are interested, please Contact Me asap. I have a student from Mexico who is waiting for others to join so our class can commence.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you “online”.


Dates, Times, and Prices for Toronto Piano Tuning and Repair Courses, Summer 2014


Monday, August 25th to Friday, August 29th, 2014

Tuning 8am – 12pm
Repair 1pm – 5pm

Tuning $497 (Regular $800)
Repair $497 (Regular $800)
No taxes on vocational courses.

Tuning $280
Repair $1300
Includes taxes, handling, and shipping to course location.
Minus $130 if taking both courses

Deposit $250 for tuning, $250 for repair, $500 for both.
Tools fee is due on the first day
Balance of course fees due half way through course. (Third day)

Email Money Transfer to

Cheque to
Mr. Tuner Inc.
307 Fieldstone

Paypal to
Add 3% PayPal fee.

Beaches Conservatory of Music
1224 Kingston Road,
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Now You Can Buy my Basic Piano Tuning Manual

book cover 3d

I have just published the manual that I use to teach my basic piano tuning course. is great. With a few clicks, I was able to upload my manual to their site, choose my cover, and even get an ISBN number.

The manual describes all the theory and procedures I have taught in my course since 2005.

I hope you enjoy it.

Here is the link to purchase:Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

How to Learn to Tune and Repair Pianos – Summer 2014

(Ad from early 1900’s)
Old tuning ad 1
(Not my actual ad. This ad is about 100 years old. Read below for details about my specific course offerings this summer.)

Now is the Best Time for You to Learn Piano Tuning and Repair from Me

This summer may be the perfect time for you to take a course on how to tune and repair pianos. There are a number of good reasons for that:

Why Now?

1. I am giving live courses in some Canadian cities, and online through a number of platforms including Skype, Google Hangout, and FaceTime.

2. This summer only, I have drastically reduced the course fees for all my 20 hour courses, from $800usd to $497usd.

3. Summer is a great time because I have access to a rebuilding shop in Montreal and a Music School in Toronto where I can give the live courses and have use of all the resources of these facilities, an option that is not available during the year.

4. I am just starting up my online school, which means I’m motivated to spread the word. This motivation has led me to reduce my prices. But also, I am prepared to offer my online and live courses, even if only one person takes them. That means you could end up with a private course, which is usually three times the regular course fee, for the summer special price.

I’m saying you could get a course that is regularly priced at $2100 for only $497! I’m not kidding here. I’ve done this before and people have received incredibly valuable instruction for peanuts. If demand for my courses increases, which is my goal, this won’t happen again.

Why Me?

Here are some great reasons to take these courses from me and not someone else:

1. I am a trained educator and professional technician with an engineering degree.

2. I have been teaching piano technology since 2005.

3. I have continually modified the course so it is now super charged with highly efficient techniques and methods to kick start your education if you are a beginner, or quickly advance your skills if you are already a technician.

4. I have received numerous accolades for my exceptional teaching style. Read here

5. Real time instruction means I can adapt the course content to fit your personal style, level, and ability, and I do it all the time.

6. Each course is 20 hours long; long enough to find out if this is for you, not so long that it drains your pocketbook.

Course Schedule – Summer 2014
If you are thinking of taking a course in tuning or repairing pianos, here are your options for this summer 2014:

1. Montreal, Quebec, Canada, July 21 – 25
Basic Tuning: 8am – 12pm
Basic Repair: 1pm – 5pm

2. Montreal, July 28 – Aug 1
Advanced Tuning 1: 8am – 12pm
Advanced Tuning 2: 1pm – 5pm

3. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, August 25 – 29
Basic Tuning: 8am – 12pm
Basic Repair: 1pm – 5pm

4. Online Live Courses
20 hours at your convenience, with or without other students.

Contact Me Now!

Contact Me immediately if you are interested. I only take a maximum of six students and I already have some spots filled for this summer.

Stay Tuned!


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