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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada

CALGARY, Alberta, Canada

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada

MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada

RICHMOND, Prince Edward Island, Canada

 CONTACT ME NOW if your city is not listed.

10 Responses to “On-Site Courses”

  1. Conrad Gluch says:

    Hi, I just saw a poster for your workshop/clinic (not sure what you called it exactly) in Toronto, and I was wondering when your next one is.

    Also I was curious what the price included?


    Conrad Gluch

  2. Cobrun Sells says:

    Hi Mark,
    I am back home and have the time and piano available to take your February online course. Let me know what days you plan on teaching as I am available most week days around choral accompanying in the mornings.

    • Hi Cobrun,

      Are you still ready to learn a bit about piano tuning? I’ve just set up my studio and it is really nice. Can’t wait to broadcast from it.

      My new class structure is 10 hours for $497, private or group. We only need 10 hours because most of the course content is online and free.

      Let me know if you are interested.

  3. Lynne says:

    Hello. Can you tell me if you know of a piano tuning school in B.C,., on Vancouver Island would be best, ie: Victoria, Nanaimo, or Courtenay.

  4. ernesto says:

    hi mark.- i want to know when is your next course and where, also do you teach only 1 person? if so, let me know when and how long it takes the course, i’m pretty interested in a grand pianos regulation , thanks

    • Hi Ernesto,

      What city are you in, and are you able to travel to Montreal for the day. Grand regulation is eight hours course. I charge $100 per hour private coaching. For eight hours I could charge $600. If you are interested I could try to find other students.


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