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Welcome to How to Tune Pianos, the website that discusses the Hobby, Skill, and Career of piano tuning.

On these pages you will find free articles, online class videos, and video lessons discussing a wide range of subjects concerning piano tuning.

You can read about my own experience as a piano tuner and why I choose to teach piano tuning.

You can also research ways to learn about piano tuning in a more formal way; I give piano tuning courses over Skype and I also travel to give live courses in various North American cities.

Read some articles, watch some videos, ask some questions.

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The hobby of piano tuning is growing in popularity, but finding relevant and accurate information is not easy.

HowToTunePianos contains insightful and accurate information about piano tuning, created by someone who is passionate about creating efficient and relevant content and who is committed to leading students on the shortest course to piano tuning proficiency.

Welcome aboard, and remember to Stay Tuned.

Mark Cerisano, RPT, B.Sc.(Mech.Eng.), Dip.Ed.(Music)

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