Ear Training for Piano Tuners – Tuning A4 – Exercise 1

Ear Training for Piano Tuners - Tuning A4 - Exercise 1

Tune A4 Yourself by Listening Directly to A4 and the Fork

The most basic way to tune A4 to the fork is play A4 and the fork together and keep changing the pitch of A4 until there are no beats heard.

Try tuning A4 by clicking the buttons to the right.

When you think you are close enough, click the SCORE button to see how close you got.

Try to get closer than 1 cent.

One problem with this method is that you do not know if A4 is sharp or flat. Just keep slowing down the beats at A4 until you do not hear any swelling of the note at A4.

To make the test a little more challenging, A4 will not change by the same amount each time you raise or lower it, if at all 🙂

Next lesson - Why listening to A4 and the fork directly, may not be accurate

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