Ear Training for Piano Tuners – Tuning A4 – Exercise 4a

Ear Training for Piano Tuners - Tuning A4 - Exercise 4a

Tune A4 Using F2 - Level 1

F2 has been set flat so that it produces beats when it is played with A4 or the fork.

You have to tune A4 so that the beat speed produced when F2A4 is played, is the same speed as the beat speed produced when F2Fork is played.

Remember from the F2 Check Note lesson that this means that A4 and the fork are both the same amount sharp of the 5th partial of F2, hence they are the same pitch. If you don't understand this, spend some time trying to figure it out. It's important.

In other words, make F2A4 = F2Fork.

The beating you will hear is at A4.

In this level, you will see the beat speed displayed on the screen. Just tune A4 until the beat speed of F2A4 = 4.4 bps, that of F2Fork.

You will also hear the beat speed filtered around A4 so that it is easier to hear.

I have also added the buttons for F2Fork and F2A4 unfiltered, so that you can start trying to hear the filtered beat within the unfiltered waveform. Use them to practice.

Beat Speed: 4.4 bps

Beat Speed:

Raise and lower A4 until F2A4 is the same speed as F2Fork, i.e. 4.4bps.

You need to get 100% (i.e. within 0.5 cents) to go to the next lesson.

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