Ear Training for Piano Tuners – Tuning A4 – Lesson 4d

Ear Training for Piano Tuners - Tuning A4 - Lesson 4d

Different Beat Speeds in One Interval

When playing F2Fork or F2A4 be aware that there is a beat at A5 as well as A4, and it may be beating at a different speed than the beat at A4

Listen to these two filtered waveforms. One is the F2Fork filtered around A4, and the 2nd is the same wave form filtered around A5.

Notice how the speeds are different.

Beat Speed = 4.4 bps

Beat Speed = 3.9 bps

In this example, the difference between the beat speeds at A4 and A5 is 14%.

You should easily be able to hear that since you passed the beat speed difference sensitivity test already at 3% or better.

Now play the F2Fork waveform unfiltered.

A good aural piano tuner can discern that there are two different beat speeds within the F2Fork sound. Try to hear the different A4 and A5 beatspeeds within the unfiltered F2Fork waveform.

Trying to hear each separate beat speed for practice is good, but when tuning A4, you must ignore the beating A5, especially if it is beating at a different speed.

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