One Hour FREE Online Piano Tuning Lesson


Yes, I give piano tuning lessons online.

“But how does that work? How can you hear the notes well? How can you show someone how to tune a piano? How can you teach someone how to tune a piano when they are half way around the world?”

Well, instead of trying to explain it, I am offering you a FREE ONE HOUR LESSON over the internet.

Just CONTACT ME NOW and we can set up your first lesson free.

You will need:

  • Computer with high speed internet access, webcam, microphone, and speakers/headphones.

  • Google Plus or Skype Account

That’s it. You do not even need a piano if you understand something about pianos and just want to ask questions! Half of my regular lessons are just answering questions anyway.


P.S. You need to know that if you decide to go over the hour, my regular private rate of $100USD per hour will apply. I am only saying this to warn you that the hour goes by quickly and you should decide before we start if you will want to go longer than one hour. I will warn you when the hour is up so you can end the lesson without a single charge at all!

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