How this Ear Training Course Will Work From Now On

From this point on, the lessons will be organized in a slightly different way.

Moving to the Next Lesson

Similar to the Beat Speed Difference Sensitivity test, you will be required to get a minimum score in all exercises in order to get the next lesson.


Also, for each exercise, the tests will now come in different levels, or difficulties. For each exercise, you will be required to tune a note so that its interval’s beat speed is within a certain limit. The levels will get harder to tell that limit; the final level requires you to tell just by listening to the unfiltered audio.

Level 1 – You will see the beat speed displayed in the screen and hear the beat filtered. Tuning by the Numbers.

Level 2 – You will hear the beat filtered, but you will not see the actual beat speed displayed on the screen. Tuning by the Beat Speeds.

Level 3 – You will hear the beat speed partially filtered. Tuning by the Partially Filtered Beats.

Level 4 – You will hear the beat speed unfiltered. The Real Deal. (Well, as close as you can get on a computer.)

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