How To Tune Your Own Piano By Ear

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Are you frustrated at the idea of paying someone over $100 per hour to tune your own piano? You will have to pay twice that if you live in a rural area, or have to accept the low quality of the local part-time tuner.

Have you already had someone tune your own piano and you didn’t really notice any difference or were not happy with their service?

Are you uncomfortable having a stranger come into your home who may not even be qualified to tune pianos? Piano tuning is an unregulated trade, which means any Joe Blow can put up a shingle and call himself a piano tuner, and many do!

The good news is that unless you are a concert pianist or someone who has played piano for many years, you probably do not need the level of tuning that a qualified tuner would provide, nor do you need to pay the high price for this service.

With the proper instruction, you can learn to tune your own piano and have it sound great. I have already taught hundreds of people just like you how to tune their own piano. Now they are tuning their own pianos and saving thousands of dollars in the process.

Consider how often a piano should be tuned. To sound the best, we recommend four times a year. For a child who starts piano lessons at age 5 and continues until they are 18, that’s 13 years of piano tunings. At $150 per tuning four times a year, that amounts to $7,800! If you play piano yourself, and will have it tuned your entire life, that amount could add up to tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime!

If you knew how to tune your own piano, you could save that money, and even tune your piano more often if you like.

There is also the possibility of being able to tune other people’s pianos for money. It’s a great way to make a little extra cash.

Here are the reasons why you can tune your own piano:

A professional piano tuner needs to be able to tune many different styles and types of pianos. You only need to tune one piano – Yours! You can learn how your piano responds to your tuning style and keep repeating the same technique for your own piano.

A professional piano tuner should be tuning at a high level (even though many don’t). You may not need or want to pay for a high level of tuning. A basic level may be sufficient. A professional piano tuner will NOT tune a basic level for you for less money. It’s just not something they are willing to do. Ask one and see what they say.

A professional piano tuner must be able to tune a piano so that all the notes stay in tune even when the piano is played hard; they do not want to be called back to fix any notes that drift. You live with the piano! You do not need to be able to tune with high stability – you can touch up any notes that drift any time you want!

There are thousands of free pianos being given away on kijiji and craigslist and other online websites. Just go and see for yourself. These pianos haven’t been tuned in years and are horribly out of tune. You can pick up these pianos for a song and fix them yourself. It is a great hobby to have. The problem is, these pianos will need a huge tuning job just to get them close. It will cost you hundreds of dollars and when the tuner is finished, it will still sound off. You can easily learn to tune a neglected piano so that it sounds 100% better and you won’t have to pay anyone hundreds of dollars to do it for you.

All of these reasons mean you can learn how to tune your own piano, save thousands of dollars, and even make some extra money.

I have been teaching piano tuning for over ten years. I am a Registered Piano Technician and have worked as certified teacher and know how important it is to teach to a specific type of student.

I am creating an online course that is designed specifically for you, someone who wants to learn how to tune their own piano. You do not need to have extensive musical knowledge, just the desire to learn how to tune your own piano.

The Tune Your Own Piano By Ear course is designed to get you tuning your own piano by ear fast. I will organized each short lesson so that you are shown how to tune your own piano step by step, what to listen for, and how to get each string in tune. If you follow each of these steps, your piano will be sounding more in tune in no time.

The lessons will be short and well designed so they are easy to understand. You can go at your own pace and study whenever you want. There are quizzes along they way so you can check your progress.

Purchase of the course also entitles you to attend online meetings where you can watch live lessons, demonstrate your tuning, and ask questions. You are also entitled to unlimited email support for the rest of your life.

This course will sell for $997 when it is finished.

CONTACT ME NOW and you will receive a discount of $500!

That means you will receive:

– The full 20 Video lessons on How to Tune Your Own Piano by Ear.
– Unlimited email support for life.
– Access to live online meetings.
– A free 2 page detailed description of how to look for a great used piano.
– Discounts on piano tuning tools

All for only $497!

But you have to email me now to be put on the discounted list.

Estimated time for the course to be launched is June 2015.

Hope to hear from you soon,


6 Responses to “How To Tune Your Own Piano By Ear”

  1. Patricia Cooper says:

    I am interested in purchasing your set of piano tuning video lessons. Could you please let me know how to proceed?

    Thank you.

  2. alan mccain says:

    Hello Mark:
    Your teaching technique is very good and to the point.
    I would like to get the videos and manuals for the course. Is the price available at $497?? And is it now finished?
    Thanks for all the free lessons..

  3. John Kellner says:


    I am interested in a video lesson for stability. I’m just starting out and can get a reasonable tune (getting better & better), but the notes drift away too soon.


    John Kellner

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