How to Use Beat Speed Windows to Tune Consistent Pure 19ths.

Beat Speed Windows is a method I have developed, that has allowed me to tune accurately and precisely to the limit of my beat speed difference sensitivity. I am able to select how much I stretch each piano within the natural stretch determined by inharmonicity.

Tuning pure 19ths (two octaves and a perfect fifth) results in many wide intervals including wide 4:2 octaves, wide 12ths (octave plus fifth), wide double octaves, and very wide fourths. But using beat speed windows allows us to tune this wideness consistently. The consistency produces a unique treble tone that may be desirable on some pianos in some situations.

The wideness reduces for large concert grands and could become more acceptable on those pianos.

With the controversy surrounding octave stretch, this method provides an objective way to stretch to a maximum amount, allowing the tuner to learn how to tune this amount of stretch using beat speed windows, and help them to justify (to themselves at least), why this amount of stretch works.

Here is a youtube video of me demonstrating how to tune pure 19ths.

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