Ear Training for Piano Tuners – Tuning Unisons

Ear Training for Piano Tuners - Tuning Unisons - Lesson 6

Lesson 6 - Out of Tune Unison

As seen in the last diagram of the last lesson, when a unison is out of tune, the higher partials beat.

Click the [Out of Tune Unison] button to the right to listen to an out of tune unison.

You may be able to hear some beating, but can you hear each of the higher partials beating, at a different speed, at will? That is one of the most important skills of a good aural tuner.

That is what you HAVE to learn to do if you want to learn how to tune a piano by ear.

Click each of the [Partial #] buttons on the right to hear a filtered recording of the out of tune unison above, with the first eight partials filtered out.

Then click the [Out of Tune Unison] button above, and try to focus your ear on specific beating partials.

EXERCISE: Click the [Partial 5] button to the right.
Listen to the frequency and speed of that specific beat, then
click the [Out-of-Tune Unison] button above and
try to hear that same beating partial
within the full sound of the out-of-tune unison.

Do that with all the partials.

You should be able to clearly discern the first five partials within the out of tune unison.

When you are ready, CLICK HERE to go to the next exercise and try to tune a unison yourself.

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