Narrow, Wide, and Pure Intervals – Video and Quiz

I have created a video and quiz that describes and tests your knowledge of interval sizes.

The quiz is embedded below, but can also be found by clicking the following link:
Wide, Narrow, and Pure Interval Quiz

Scroll down within the quiz window, and press START.

3 Responses to “Narrow, Wide, and Pure Intervals – Video and Quiz”

  1. Jeff Deutschle says:

    It wasn’t quite what I expected. Putting in some RBI tests for SBIs would have been interesting, but I guess that is not what you were after.

    Most of my errors were just plain blunders like hitting the wrong button or misreading the question. One that was marked wrong had to do with an RBI that I wrongly assumed was a minor, narrow interval because of either how the question was worded or how I read it.

  2. JIm Milne says:

    I missed four, one of which was me clicking trying to get my computer to wake up again after I had to plug it in. It ran out of “juice”. I misread one, and the fourth was a trickyly (is that a word?) worded question. Good exercise and fun to do.

    • Good job. In my opinion, the test is just too darn long. Gotta shorten it up.

      That shows you’ve got a good analytical mind that is good with spatial reasoning; an essential skill for analytical tuning.

      Did you see my two new lessons on tuning methods and tools, and my APE method?

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