New Lesson Added That Shows How to do a Pitch Raise in ONE PASS!

I have just added a page to my free lessons that shows how I did a pitch raise in one pass using Double String Unison, P4 windows, 8:4 windows, and Parallel Octaves.

It is my preferred way to do pitch raises by ear because I like the fact that I can be always trying to create the best intervals possible, instead of doing rough approximations like those used in rough passes.

It takes me about the same time to do a pitch raise in one pass using this technique, as it does to make multiple rough passes before a final fine tuning. Anyways, I am always using this technique even in a fine tuning. With the kind of accuracy and precision techniques I am using, it seems every tuning is a pitch raise or pitch drop.

Here is the link to the page:

One Pass Pitch Raise

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