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In December 2013, I gave a real time online class in basic piano tuning to Ben from Australia and Judy from New Mexico. I was in Canada. The course was supposed to be 20 hours long. I scheduled five days of four hours each, but when we were finished, I wasn’t happy with the time I had available to present the materials, so I added an extra four hours of classes. That’s the last video in this series.

Below you will find the uncut recordings of the classes as Ben and Judy saw them. Nothing has been deleted or added. Unfortunately, classes 5 and 6 did not get recorded.

My classes are usually 2 hours long. That is why each video four hour video encompasses two classes.

Enjoy. And remember that if you like this style of learning, you can contact me to arrange for your own online realtime piano tuning course.

Classes 1 and 2

Classes 3 and 4

Classes 5 and 6 did not get recorded, sorry.

Classes 7 and 8

Classes 9 and 10

Extra classes

3 Responses to “Online Class Videos”

  1. Ivan says:

    Hello Mark,

    My name is Ivan. I am a musician and now I’m living in Ukraine. I am interested in your online course and I would like to know more about it. Is it possible to enroll by internet from my country? I am interested in diploma or certificate of a professional piano tuner at the and of this course. Will I get it? Please, write me how long is this course and how many does it cost.

    Thank you in advance,
    Yours faithfully, Ivan

    • Hello Ivan,

      Thanks for your message.

      This is the great power of the internet. Never before have people been able to find instruction in all sorts of niche subjects.

      I am able to teach you a great deal about piano tuning as well as mentor you and follow your progress, listen to your tunings, watch you tune, and give you realtime feedback.

      I have three courses that you can take; beginning tuning, intermediate tuning, and advanced tuning. Each course is designed to get you tuning a piano in 20 hours. However, each course does require you have a certain amount of skill and background before you take it.

      The beginner course is recommended for people who have no experience tuning, but you still need a strong background in music and an aptitude for mechanical things.

      Each 20 hour course is priced as follows (as of Dec 30, 2014. Prices subject to change)

      One student: $1997USD
      Two students: $997USD
      Three students: $667USD
      Four or more students: $497USD

      Let me know what your budget is and I will put you on the waiting list for that course.


  2. Rich Pugh says:

    Hello Mark.

    I have decided to become a piano tuner, as there is a need in my area. It took me two weeks to find one when I purchased my used small grand on Craig’s List, and I was not really thrilled with him. He did a decent job with what he had to work with, I just didn’t really care for his personality. It was then I decided I needed to do this, not only for the community, but as a way to be self employed again, and with playing the piano which I have enjoyed doing since I was a kid.

    I am very interested in your 20 hour beginner coarse, but would like some detailed information of what while transpire. Ive watched your uploads of Judy and Ben….
    1) what time schedule to you follow? is it daily, during the day, or evenings, or weekend?
    2) I only have a mac lap-top, will that be a problem?
    3) how long is your waiting period?
    4) I would like the one-on-one class, but sometimes you can learn more by studying with others, as the other student(s) may have an interesting question that I had not thought of or about.

    As I mentioned earlier, I have a small grand. I am about to order the starter tools (hammer, mutes, etc.) this week, and I am also obtaining a spinet piano from Craigs List (cheap) that I can practice tuning without worrying about messing up my grand.

    I am in Florida, so thats EST.

    Thanks for all your videos, they are very helpful.


    Rich Pugh

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