Learn Piano Tuning and Repair with
Mark Cerisano, RPT

Are you a piano owner who wants to
Tune Your Own Piano?

Maybe you want your piano to be better in tune. Maybe you’ve noticed your piano going out of tune before the scheduled six month appointment and it is frustrating. Maybe the price of piano tuning is getting too expensive. Maybe you are just interested and want to know how it’s done.

Whatever the reason, it is not impossible that you could learn to tune your own piano yourself.

In the past, it took years to develop one’s ear to be able to hear what is needed to make fine adjustments to the strings. Today with technology and Electronic Tuning Devices (ETD’s), anyone can get good results with the right training.

Here at howtotunepianos.com, I am committed to helping you find the right tools, courses, books, instruction, etc, so that you can learn at your own speed and style,  how to tune your own piano to a level that you are happy with.

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