Temperament Report for 001-01


This is a report generated by a F3F4 recording submitted to me by one of my subscribers.
It shows how this process can be used to help people improve their tunings.
Reprinted with permission

Piano: Unknown
Tuned by: 001



Client 001 M3 Progressions

M3, not filtered

M3, filtered


Client 001 M3 Progressions

P4, not filtered

P4, filtered


The 6:3 is very wide. (Check F3G#3 and G#3F4 ) Be careful how you tune the F3F4 octave. Most midrange octaves sound best as a pure 6:3 or slightly narrow. See my octave flow chart HERE. This may be why C4F4 is beating so much.

A3D4 is fast and A#3D4 is also. D4 may be high.

A#3D#4 is also fast. A#3 may be low, contributing to a fast A#3D4 as well. Also F#3A#3 is slow. That also confirms a possible low A#3.

G#3C4 is slow. C4F4 is fast. Perhaps C4 is a little low.

This is not necessarily a definitive description of the actual beat rates of your temperament.
Beat rates within a piano interval can vary over the sustain of the interval.
You are encouraged to take the analysis and confirm aurally that you can hear the findings, and improve the notes so the inconsistencies mentioned are reduced.
In this way you will improve your ear and be able to hear smaller differences in beat speeds, which will ultimately improve your temperament.

2 Responses to “Temperament Report for 001-01”

  1. Mr. 001 says:

    Hi Mark,

    this is the second time I tune a temperament aurally and I tried out the Defebaugh F-F. What I am really happy about, is that my F3A3 is quite near 7 bps and A#3D4 9 bps. Also, it’s great to see that my M3s do progress in the right direction eventually.

    Clearly I need to focus more and learn to utilise tests during the tuning. I will try to concentrate on seeing (or hearing) the whole picture instead of a series of tuning steps.

    Thank you for the report and the insight on my temperament.

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