Ear Training for Piano Tuners – Tuning Unisons

Ear Training for Piano Tuners - Tuning Unisons - Exercise 7a

Exercise 7a - Tuning a Bichord - Level 1

Click the [Play Bichord] button to the right.

It is not in tune. The beat speeds of the first five partials are shown.
Click the [Partial #] button to hear that filtered partial beating at the speed listed.

Tune string #2 of the bichord so that each partial is beatless. (I.E. bps = 0.0)

TIP: If the bps gets higher, you are going in the wrong direction.

Partial 5:

Partial 4:

Partial 3:

Partial 2:

Partial 1:

You need to get 100% (all bps = 0.0) to go to the next lesson.

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